?There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.?

- Han Suyin


In 1979 UNESCO proclaimed the International Year of the Child, and it was in that year this project came to my mind. I thought a Creative Revolution focused on a safe, clean world for children (and everyone), would be appropriate and warmly received. Therefore, it came as quite a surprise when UNESCO promptly returned my project unwilling to receive it. When that happened, I knew I was on to something, so I never gave up. But even so, the years slipped by one by one.

When I envisioned this project in 1979, I was living in Malaga, Spain.  Filed with enthusiasm, I sent off handwritten copies of my project to organizations and persons around the world; one such person was Paco Pena, who at the time had his own popular flamenco group in London. To this day, Paco Pena is noted as one of the best flamenco guitarists in the world?if not the best, staging performances on the international scene. 

Paco Pena1 came to visit me in Malaga. He said if I could organize things, he would put on a concert to promote The Creative Revolution. I was honored by his suggestion, but did not understand how this could be done or whom to approach, so nothing came of it. Sometime later I immigrated to Canada.

Since meeting Paco Pena in 1979 he has become well recognized in Europe and England. In 1997 Paco Peña was named Oficial de la Cruz de la Orden del Meritor Civil by King Juan Carlos of Spain. His most famous compositions include his Misa Flamenca, a Flamenco Mass, and Requiem for the Earth, both of which have received great critical acclaim.2And in 2004 Paco Pena won the coveted Prince of Asturias Award for Art, the citation describing him as ?one of the best ambassadors of Spanish culture in the world?.3

Obviously, it would have been a wonderful contribution if Paco Pena had put on a concert to spread the ideas and information contained within The Creative Revolution. A pity this never occurred and that my project has lain idle for so many years.

Although mankind has the innate possibility to rise and connect with universe in a more imaginative and enlightened spirit than is being done, inspiration is required to stir people?s imagination and vision. A concert given by Paco Pena under the umbrella of the Creative Revolution may well have been the spark necessary to generate the level of motivation necessary to reach higher levels of creative imagination and purposeful intent. Surely with a changed approach, broader perspectives, and a deeper awareness of our role in the scheme of things we could advance to a more civilized and advanced stage in our Revolution. Or more correctly stated Evolution.

But, how can we be part of the change to improve the human condition? How can we do this?

It is not financial assistance or a ?savior? that is required as much as humankind learning how to connect positively to the all-powerful Universe. Throughout the ages, prophets, sages, and inventors have tapped into this amazing power of the Creator, and made tremendous advances for the comfort and advancement of humanity. It is still happening today with rare individuals. The opportunity is there for the taking for every one of us. All that is required is to find out how to do this. There are advanced people in the world today who are imparting this knowledge, so there is no longer any excuse.

Mankind has the gift of imagination and thought. Thought can change everything to a positive level. What is needed is the will to understand how this can be achieved and put into practice. The fact is, as far as I understand it, we have within us the power to change the world and ourselves by our thoughts, but if most of us do not even know we have this strong power of thought and imagination within us, then these wonderful tools of change for good will remain idle at our feet. This theme of ?thought? and ?internal power? will be discussed throughout this project.

?What this power is I cannot say.  All I know is that it exists.? - Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922.)

But, instead of discovering, and using this extraordinary gift that lies within us the fact is:

 ?Most people are like a falling leaf that drifts and turns in the air, flutters, and falls to the ground. But a few others are like stars which travel one defined path: no wind reaches them, they have within themselves their guide and path.? ? Hermann Hesse

Buddha has said much the same: ?All that we are is a result of what we have thought.? Buddha (563 BCE-483 BCE).


Having sent The Creative Revolution to various individuals in 1979 during The International Year of The Child, I received encouraging responses, not only from Paco Pena, but also from imminent persons such as Erich Fromm, the renowned psychologist who wrote many books including The Sane Society (1955). In this book Fromm presented his argument that modern man has become alienated and estranged from himself within the consumer-oriented industrial society and Fromm called for a rebirth of enlightenment to allow each person to fulfill his individual needs, while maintaining bonds of social fraternity. Fromm wrote and wished me success. Sadly, he passed away in 1980.

Not long after I left Spain and moved to Canada, and during the subsequent years I met Yehudi Menuhin, the world-famous violinist, after attending one of his magnificent concerts. When I approached Menuhin, I gave him a copy of The Creative Revolution. Menuhin expressed interest and wished me luck. Sadly, Menuhin passed away in (1999). 

During those years while I was residing in Canada I spent several years on and off collecting information and dreaming up ways to save the world. Then having gathered up the necessary facts I elaborated on my original handwritten Creative Revolution and equipped myself with a lap-top computer. That was when I stumbled upon the Internet with its vast possibilities for research and realized it was a mind-boggling opportunity. I became fully immersed and was astounded and immensely grateful when I discovered that facts could be researched and checked anytime of the day or night at the click of a mouse. This ready access to research on any topic enabled me to gather copious information for my project. As a result, I expanded on the original content with lightning speed.

However, unable to afford the cost of an Internet programmer to create a website and to put it on-line, the project remained dormant for many years while I struggled to make a living in Canada rushing from province to province like a mouse on a treadmill.

Eventually I left Canada in 2000 with fifty dollars in my pocket; and travelled to China where I became an English instructor for four years. Not long after I arrived in China having settled into a secure, stable job with time on my hands, I decided to tackle the website again. Fortunately, the school manager introduced me to a young Chinese webmaster, who helped to build the website with my information, and in-put.

Although the webmaster could not speak English he could arrange and design a few things before putting the project on-line. It was a formidable undertaking as we sat in his chilled government office shivering with discomfort, but we managed somehow. It also turned out to be a valuable lesson on how to communicate with someone who could not speak English; instead we used gestures interspersed with interminably lengthy moments of silence. Happily, the website went online, but unable to manage the yearly fees or to keep it going from China, it eventually came down.

During an interval of many years I was engrossed on my economic survival and could barely think as I rushed from one country to another around the world teaching English, often working on an illegal tourist visa through no fault of my own. The schools promised work visas but mostly the legal work permits never materialized, consequently not wishing to be deported or imprisoned I fled from one illegal situation to another for almost eleven years while all the time teaching abroad. On the plus side, I learnt new things and as a result I have had to adjust the information for this website, accordingly.


Now that I have returned to Canada and settled into ?retirement? existing on a small but stable pension, free from years of uncertainty, the website has gone up again. I will keep it going because I have found an inexpensive hosting program. Importantly, no donations to this website are required or accepted. It is free to one and all.

The Creative Revolution consists of hundreds of websites, some with conflicting information. After all, the intention of the project is to stimulate a debate, to link people and organizations into positive action; the choice of what you choose to do is entirely yours. From my end, having created the website and put it on the Internet, I have fulfilled my obligations. As a result, my input will no longer be relevant. I have bowed off the stage. In other words, my performance has ended with the launching of The Creative Revolution.

With this project, I envisage linking many wonderful persons of worth, including those connected to universities, colleges, schools, and governments, business leaders, scientific and environmental organizations. With that in mind, and having now accomplished my task, I would like to encourage the people reading this, and the groups I have mentioned to link up with their counterparts so that the project will expand and widen beyond anyone?s imagination.

There is no need for a leader because everyone who becomes involved will help to lead the ?Revolution? forward to a positive conclusion in their chosen manner. (Always keeping in mind, it is your creative thoughts that are your greatest tools for advancement.)

Language need not be a barrier. The internet has the facility to translate one language to another. Think of what fun it will be to connect with so many other nationalities with the greater purpose of pushing mankind into higher levels of consciousness. You will be relying on your own actions to make a difference by choosing to link up with other like-minded individuals at home and abroad.

I firmly believe one should ?Never put all one?s eggs in one basket.?  In other words, the last thing we need are leaders or ?saviors? who are invariably flawed. Instead we must lead ourselves in this mass movement through individual self-directed behavior; and that means personal motivation, discipline, and a focused intent towards a more meaningful and abundant life for all.

It means tossing aside superstitions and fears; cutting loose from brainwashing technologies, such as television, crippling religions that are often divisive, time-wasting social net-working activities, and mindless addictive computer games. It means becoming educated with sound scientific facts, combined with ancient wisdom, all of which, will cause a broader vision with the possibility to become involved in effective long-lasting strategies for the good of all by interacting with the Universe and partaking of its abundance.

?Every great teacher who has ever walked the planet has told you that life was meant to be abundant?. James Ray (a teacher featured in The Secret).4


With the right approach and honest intent, the Revolution of mankind cannot fail because The Creative Revolution is not built around a personality or a leader or group, instead it will become a force on its own. Together mankind must re-create a world that is inclusive of all living beings, producing a life of abundance and happiness for all. This can be done by our thoughts as thoughts are actions which materialize into reality (either good or bad). A thought is a thought, and if we intend to bring about positive results we need to be clear-headed, focused and to most of all involve our imagination.

Albert Einstein once remarked, ?Imagination is more important than knowledge?. This is of course true, and now with the Internet, we can combine the power of our imagination, and the accumulation of scientific knowledge, combined with ancient truths into a powerful tool. What more could we possibly need before we roll up our sleeves?

Let us not waste time bemoaning the fact that the younger generations are going to inherit a nightmare. This need not be so as it is up to each, and everyone, to set about putting things right, beginning with ourselves. We must put our own house in order first and stop wasting time worrying about the menacing future. After all, it is up to us to create whatever decent future we envisage.

As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 -1955) priest and philosopher once said:

?Someday when men have conquered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.?

Isn?t it time we all became responsibly involved? So why not begin now? What is there to lose?

Fortunately, this project will take on a life of its own the moment it comes online when my role will be over, after all I am only the messenger. I will not be responding to e-mails or entering debates or discussions as this would destroy the purpose of the project because there is to be no leader. Instead, I have collected some very knowledgeable persons with whom you may wish to open a debate with and therefore I encourage everyone to become involved.

There is no need for anyone to be at the helm, but there is every need for everyone to connect with counterparts to work out methods and practical ideas to save the world and themselves. This way everyone can use their expertise, experience, and intelligence to choose their involvement with whomever they want to link up with. It is a free choice without manipulation or personal gain for anyone. 

I must emphasize that the project itself is not a cash cow or a begging bowl. No one has ever given me money to cover the countless hours or the financial deprivations it required to do this project. I did not accept or ask for financial support. There was no need for it. If I didn?t have the funds, I waited, and I researched, devised, typed, and designed the website without interference from any one, except for the technicalities provided by my Chinese webmaster, and some years later a student in Kiev, Ukraine. Years later now that I have mastered the skill of making a website I have made this one without interference from any one.

The most important point about being involved in The Creative Revolution is that mankind is always changing direction, learning about, and putting into practice new ideas and inventions. Now we are advancing swiftly. So, we must take advantage, and act quickly to save what is left of the natural world. As you know, many of the beautiful natural spots around the globe have been ruined through wars, greed, and apathy. Specie after specie have become extinct, the oceans are rapidly being destroyed by plastic and other forms of garbage. The noise of ships is confusing whales and other sea life. The list is endless. Humans are becoming more dejected and confused by the day. This need not be so.

With the discrimination and assistance of the free Wikipedia and Google; with the abundance of YouTube videos there are no more excuses to remain ignorant. The most important thing of all is to become educated about who we are, what our role on Earth is, and to become informed about the Laws of the Universe so that we may follow them with intelligence and intent.

The Creative Revolution is a knowledge based pursuit and not created for profit. For this reason, all information and materials are provided free of charge. Donations for money are not required or accepted. The purpose is to provide stimulating ideas and information with the intent to galvanize human interaction and responsible involvement.


The Signature of Mankind


This project is my contribution to things, as mentioned it is free and requires no financial support. The Creative Revolution is a gift to all. It is a project that will have on it the signature of mankind and you are invited to participate and add yours.

All we need now is for The Creative Revolution to start up. There is every chance it will take hold, connecting people from all over the world like a spider web?all that is required is imagination, an open mind, loving concern, and serious intent. Such a project will become unstoppable.

Let us remember that, ?Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life?s coming attractions.? Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

Albert Einstein knew about the power of thought more than most people. He was very conscious of human thought and its relationship to the universe. Einstein used the power continuously because he understood it and because of that he linked into the intelligence of the Universe. Einstein knew the important role each one of us has towards human development on this planet, but few have acted on his insights, such as: ?The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.?


?The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.?  - Albert Einstein













?To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.? ? Henri Bergson


Before commencing The Creative Revolution be sure to read the Prologue first and then this Summary. This way you can get a clearer idea of the layout, purpose, and goal of the project in advance. However, before you read any further I would like you to know that for your convenience I have divided the project up into sections. In other words, you have two choices. The first choice is to keep on reading this project in book style. That means just keep on reading here chapter after chapter until the end (around 500 pages) by going to the HOME panel. Or if you prefer to read it in chunks, then go to The Creative Revolution Section Button where you can pick and choose whichever section appeals. The choice is yours.

As mentioned, the project begins with the Prologue. When you have read those pages, you may wish to click on to the End Notes ? Weblinks or the Topics for the Prologue section.

You will also note that throughout the project there are added sections (Books, Weblinks and Videos.) These added portions are ones that will take up a lot of your time and can be overwhelming. Therefore, it may be advisable to view them after you have completed reading through the various sections of the Creative Revolution project. On the other hand, you may wish to dip into them as you read along. The choice is yours. Whichever way you choose, using this method, you can explore the whole project, step by step, going from one section to the next, or jumping around to the subjects that are of most interest to you.

The reason I have added so many weblinks and books is that they add depth and meaning to the project. At most, what I am offering in these project pages is a cursory glimpse, the rest is up to your level of interest and concern. The varying ideas throughout the project are meant to offer differing opinions and insights, thus contributing to a vigorous debate. You will note that I have copied copious phrases, including portions of other people?s opinion, projects and even books. This is the only way I could create such a project as this. Each person has been credited with links that will draw you to their work, books, and websites. This means that each and every one will get a great deal of free publicity!

The whole purpose of The Creative Revolution is to stimulate concerned action. It is not meant to be entertaining of frivolous. Everyone is expected to contribute in their own way. There are to be no leaders. The project is for all.

Once this goes on the Internet my involvement ends there. I will not become involved in any debates, chats, or emails. But I have given you the opportunity for feedback, as this way I can see what are the weakness or what should be added. It should be noted that The Creative Revolution has been devised without interference, or sponsorship from any person or entity. This has enabled me to act freely with no outside control or influence. Also bear in mind that there are no requests from me for donations or funds of any kind of assistance because this is not a money-making scheme. Instead, it is free information for all. But I could not have done the project without Divine Assistance, and the aid of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and Wikidata which, as you are aware, are free and open knowledge bases that can be read and shared by all, edited by both humans and machines.

Without the fast response of the amazing Google search engine I would have been incapable of proceeding. So, I am incredibly grateful to both Google, and of course Wikipedia, and I continue to be astonished at the capabilities of these two incredible companies. We are privileged to be living in this age of free knowledge, advanced technology, and the power to make immense societal changes for the benefit of all. Last, but not least, this project could not have come into fruition without all the many participants ? writers, scientists, biologist, authors, historians, activists, ordinary citizens, entrepreneurs and so forth.


 A Plan to Link the Internet to Every Person on the Planet!


As an example, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have embarked on a huge project in an attempt to link the Internet to every person on the Planet! No small task. Consider the following except from an interview with Time:

?We were thinking about the first decade of the company, and what were the next set of big things that we wanted to take on, and we came to this realization that connecting a billion people is an awesome milestone, but there?s nothing magical about the number 1 billion. If your mission is to connect the world, then a billion might just be bigger than any other service that had been built. But that doesn?t mean that you?re anywhere near fulfilling the actual mission.?

Fulfilling the actual mission, connecting the entire world, wouldn?t, literally be possible unless everybody in the world were on the Internet. So, Zuckerberg has decided to make sure everybody is. This sounds like the kind of thing you say you?re going to do but never actually do, but Zuckerberg is doing it. He is in Chandauli today on a campaign to make sure that, literally every single human being on earth has an Internet connection. As Sandberg puts it (she?s better at sound bites than Zuckerberg): ?If the first decade was starting the process of connecting the world, the next decade is helping connect the people who are not yet connected and watching what happens.

[?] Education is one of Zuckerberg?s interests as a philanthropist?earlier this year he and his wife donated $120 million to Bay Area schools?and he ducked into a local school to see a classroom. ?There were, like, 40 students sitting on the floor, and then the guy running it was saying that there were 1.4 million schools, and this was one of the better ones,? he said later?he can never resist a statistic. ?There was no power. There are no toilets in the whole village!? Eventually, Zuckerberg?s handlers got him into the computer center, a single spacious, airy room with a laser printer, a copy machine and a couple dozen laptops, each one with a student at it. It was then ascertained that the power was out in Chandauli, as it often is, so even though Zuckerberg had come 7,500 miles to see a display of Internet connectivity, the Internet was down.

[?] One might argue that somebody who shapes the social lives of a billion people and counting ought to have a more finely wrought sense of human nature, a deeper appreciation for what is lost when a new technology becomes part of our lives as well as what is gained. That would certainly be nice, but like the nervous and insecure, people with finely wrought sensibilities rarely build companies like Facebook. And maybe it doesn?t matter. Over the past decade, humanity hasn?t just adopted Facebook; we?ve fallen on it like starving people who have been waiting for it our entire lives, as if it were the last missing piece of our social infrastructure as a species. Pundits are free to wring their hands and mumble their nuances on Ello. Judging by their behavior, most people don?t care.

Universal Internet access has, like Facebook, some of the feel of manifest destiny. The tipping point is already past, digital threads are woven too deeply into human life. We can?t go back, only forward. And if someone?s going to make it happen, it might as well be Zuckerberg. Talking to him, you have an eerie sense that as crude as his methods sometimes are, he is among those who will win the future?he is among the technologists who have replaced poets as, in Shelley?s phrase, the unacknowledged legislators of the world. ?We feel like this is just an important thing for the world,? Zuckerberg says, ?and there are no steps that are clear steps to make this an awesome business or to have it fully rolled out across the world, but I?m pretty confident we can do it. I?m pretty confident it?s going to be a good thing.?

The real difference between Facebook?s first decade and its second may be that when Zuckerberg started out, he genuinely seems not to have realized how big Facebook was going to get, and how much power he had. ?If you asked me in the beginning what would happen in our first decade,? he says, ?I would have been pretty off.? He under-estimated himself. It was a rare mistake. He?s unlikely to make it again.? This story originally appeared in the Dec. 15 issue of TIME. It is a lengthy and interesting article and shows Zuckerberg in a different light.5


Everyone on the Planet has the Right to be Informed


Because of Earth?s changing and extreme weather conditions with increasing hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes, which bring with it the possibility of bringing down the Internet and other vital infrastructures it is important to spread as much reliable, information about as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media keeps a great deal of vital information hidden from the public view as they tease us with mountains of frivolous, misleading, and half-baked negative news and destructive gossip that ends up confusing everyone. Without doubt the public has been deceived and led up the garden path in so many ways. It is very troubling.

Not only that, all that negative news is making the public sick, depressed, worried, and feeling ineffective. It is however true that the criminals have got the world by the throat infiltrating the world governments and media. This situation could easily destroy the Planet and the humanity if enough people remain cowardly, apathetic, and ineffective. We really do have to muster the courage, wake-up and become involved in a meaningful way. But most are too busy being busy, either they are on starvation level and unable to do anything but scramble for survival, or at the other extreme willfully negligent. They simply don?t care and far too busy chatting in chat sessions, taking endless photos of themselves (selfies), captivated by television, internet games, bingo, darts and so forth, with not a care in the world for anyone but themselves!

This is a pity because despite the above, there are so many wonderful, intelligent, and concerned persons who are focused on solving problems, focused on advancing their knowledge to help mankind, but we don?t hear enough about the good and positive things that are going on around the word, very often hidden and out of sight.

So, this brings me to the point that the underlying reason why I have devoted so much time and thought to The Creative Revolution is my concern we, the public, are being kept in a state of ignorance and apathy. While all the time, we are rapidly losing our freedoms and rights. The only solution is as far as I can tell is for those in the affluent nations to put down they play things, stop consuming like ravenous locusts, stop polluting the earth, water and air. Time to take a grip on reality and become responsible.

We must all become educated, develop awareness, and link up with those like-minded persons who have the same concerns and understanding. Everyone around the world needs to become better informed and to link up with the purpose of spreading important information about what is really going on in their countries (on every level.) More than that we must become alert to the tricksters who have manufactured groups that pretend concern by using the right words; but who are, in fact, wolves in sheep?s clothing. Do you know that there are some very wealthy persons in position of power who are pretending to care by setting up various convincing organizations purporting to help aggrieved persons (when all along by inciting fear and confusion they are tightening the noose around these unsuspecting aggrieved victims while leading them over the cliff!)

 It is a huge topic, but you will learn about some of this within the project, and through your own endeavors. The Creative Revolution could appropriately be named, Operation Link, which was my original name for it.

The following is a brief outline.


Mother Earth

The Mother Earth section gives a bird?s eye view of the destructive behavior of humans, and how much we have destroyed of the earth due to greed, ignorance, and thoughtlessness. Information is presented with the intention of showing the extent of the damage. Hopefully this information will stimulate the incentive to act, and do your part, in preventing any more destruction.

On the positive side, there are websites and articles to show the amazing efforts that are being done to make amends and preserve what is left.

Hopefully, the topics covered in The Creative Revolution will help to stimulate and guide the interested participant towards a path of exploration, and a positive attitude towards saving our Precious Planet from further degradation and stress?not to mention ourselves!

Another indisputable fact clearly obvious to all, is that humans are polluting the Earth. Although we are not warming the Earth significantly because that is up to the Sun and its interaction with the Galaxy, the Earth?s clouds, and oceans. However, we are polluting the Earth, destroying species after species and making ourselves sick into the bargain.

Obviously, we must act together to prevent further destruction to the Earth?s forests, oceans, air and so forth. We simply cannot continue to cut down the forests, flood fertile lands for ?energy? by further upsetting the balance of nature, the natural habitat of persons, and animals. Nor can we continue to pollute the air, water, oceans, and lands, or harvest the oceans to extinction without destroying ourselves in the process. Surely this is evident.

Unfortunately, what has been put into motion will come to pass. All we can do is minimize the damage by changing our lifestyles before it is too late altogether. Continued apathy will result in greater discomfort, and dangers. We have no choice but to become informed, wake up and act.

On the positive side, there are some amazing organizations and people who are devoting their time and knowledge to come up with practical solutions, and I have done my best to introduce some of them to you in this chapter and the following chapters, knowing that knowledge and education is the key to our success.


World-Wide Action Club

This section offers lots of variety. Everyone may choose a subject that is of concern to them, or if desired, dream up new and different ideas so that others may join in, and do their part to develop constructive and responsible habits. Methods must be devised to inform the world citizens of the real circumstances about what has occurred to the planet so that we may all work intelligently, and responsibly towards preventing further destruction. An efficient method is for you to link up with like-minded persons and form groups. The initiative will be yours to take it any direction you choose. The first name I had for this project was Operation Link because, in essence, this is what must be done?a linking up of all world citizens around the globe, a peaceful linking with serious intent. Violence does not work. The urgency is immense.

Millions and millions of humans are starving to death, yet there is enough food on the planet to feed everyone, but the combination of storage, distribution and human greed has become the source of the problem, one that must be immediately rectified if we wish to see the end of world-wide poverty. But right now, there is something drastically wrong with our thinking and perceptions. Most citizens do not know the world they live in, and seem to have very little genuine understanding or comprehension of what is really going on. We have the means of communication, but sadly this medium has been abused, and mainly used to brainwash the public into rampant consumerism and slothful inactivity.

The concerns are many, such as human ignorance about why we are here on Earth and what is our role, our contribution to deforestation, water pollution, the plundering and polluting of the oceans, uprooting and mass starvation of millions of people on this planet. The topics of political prisoners left to languish in jails for years, endemic corruption on all levels, the drug cartels, drug addiction, sex slaves, rampant pornography. Coupled with this is the devastation caused to citizens, young and old who have been enticed into becoming drug addicts, thus destroying their lives, and that of others. Drug addicts and sex workers introduce massive crime into previously safe places to live. Then there is the loss of privacy, crippling tax burdens (such as carbon taxes) self-imposed economic slavery to the power corporations with enslaved addictive shopping often for trivial items that are tossed out by the tons, thus polluting the entire Planet!

In all, the world is in a mess, and the root of that mess is a combination of greed, apathy, and ignorance. The most salient interrelated factors which explain civilisational decline, and which may help determine the risk of collapse today: namely, Population, Climate, Water, Agriculture, and Energy.

To turn this around, we all need to be shown how to work towards protecting the earth and all living creatures, to learn how to live sensibly, to restore human health, and vitality. Evidently, we must protect all living species, and start making decent choices about lifestyles, entertainment, and sensible dietary habits.

Most of all, we must develop a higher degree of awareness, moral integrity, stronger spiritual values, and devise long-term plans for the preservation of the planet. Abuse of the environment and lack of genuine human rights is occurring all over the world.


Indigenous Peoples of the World

Much of the Indigenous Peoples ancient wisdom has already been lost due to the destruction of their habitat, combined with the brutal determination to eradicate their languages, and customs.

The facts are indisputable. Modern man has wreaked havoc on the Earth. Contrary to the ancient habits of indigenous peoples who, for the most part, lived in harmony with nature, until their lives were messed up by the European races. It is no longer possible to dispute the fact that human finger prints are there at the scene of the crime.

Additionally, human meddling with the natural environment and wars are the root cause of the recent environmental and migration upheavals worldwide, causing billions of dollars? worth of damage, and a huge loss of human life. Almost all lives lost were the lives of the poorer citizens, many indigenous, swept to their doom in an instant.

The indigenous peoples of the earth have tragic knowledge of the abuse of the land, loss of human rights and health. Until recently they have been powerless to protect themselves from the onslaught and devastation caused by modern technology in the hands of the corporate giants, and ignorant authorities. Their waters have been poisoned, earth contaminated, their minds scrambled by dangerous drugs, and alcohol. Their children taken from them, abused with spirits broken, and ancient languages lost. Others have been uprooted, and left to the mercies of a callous world. The damage inflicted is unforgivable, and real. Much of it irreparable.

We, the ?developed? nations need to wake up and take notice. Old belief systems about the worthlessness of indigenous peoples must be discarded.  Our minds need to be prized open so that we may absorb new information (new to us, but ancient to others). Consider the following:

Quandamooka Aboriginal people helping to better contain wildfires.

 ?For thousands of years, the Quandamooka Aboriginal people managed fire on their country on the islands of Moreton Bay. Evidence of that fire management can still be found on those islands in Queensland?s south-east corner to the east of Brisbane. But it?s taken until now for the value of that traditional knowledge to be fully appreciated and acknowledged. Indigenous rangers are now working with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to better manage and contain bushfires.?   

Universal Timeless Wisdom

Our future lies in the wisdom of our past. We can heal ourselves and evolve through the power of our thoughts and feelings. This information has been known by people throughout all ages and in all places.

The World - Present and Future Trends

Everything is happening so fast. It is important to at least have some notion of what is going on. In this section unusual topics are brought to your attention with the intention of stimulating your interest and involvement. Topics such as the singularity, the global brain, human evolution, humanity?s future, and our scientists quest to upgrade humans into gods. As well, unknown to most scientists are tinkering with the weather, and people?s minds. Mind-altering techniques designed to impact opponents are well-advanced. The procedures employed include manipulation of human behavior through the use of psychological weapons affecting sight, sound, smell, temperature, electromagnetic energy, or sensory deprivation are now a reality.

Additionally, over the years many religious cults have emerged to capture the unsuspecting youth around the world. It is, therefore, essential for parents, teachers, and other authorities to understand what cult-mind control is, and how it affects many individuals.

Admittedly, the subjects discussed in The World - Present and Future Trends are provocative. It?s quite a lot to consider?think of the debates. There?s lots to explore and discuss, if only we could stir ourselves to be interested!


IT Technology


This is an immensely important topic, and its discussion has taken up much space. It briefly covers topics such as the history of the Web and Internet, IT History, Important Technologies You Never Think About, The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life Conferences, Deep Learning, and Influential People in the History of Computers.


A Scientific Revolution


This section touches on the re-awakening of science, a brief history of science, and the various opinions and discoveries of some important scientists including Kepler, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Velikovsky, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, Neil Turok, Stephen Hawking, Wallace Thornhill, Hannes Alfven, The Plasma Universe, and Kristian Birkeland.


The Evolving Universe - We start this section with a brief history of the Universe drawing attention to an intelligent Universe seeded from space. The chronology of the Universe is discussed along with the much-disputed Big Bang theory.

Included is information about Neil deGrasse Tyson?s StarTalk: Everything You Ever Need to Know About Space Travel, Sci-Fi, the Human Race, the Universe, and Beyond. This New York Times Bestselling illustrated companion to celebrated scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson?s popular podcast and National Geographic Channel TV show is an eye-opening journey for anyone curious about the complexities of our universe.


Map of the Infant Universe


?New data from a NASA probe located a million miles from Earth has provided scientists with the information necessary to paint the most precise picture yet of the early universe. The long-awaited images, unveiled yesterday, support theories that posit that the universe underwent a tremendous growth spurt shortly after the big bang.? ? NASA

Included are inspiring facts about the Universe written by Alex Morris, a copywriter, blogger, and writer from England.

Nevertheless, Sir Fred Hoyle FRS, an English astronomer who formulated the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis refutes the idea of the Big Bang. He held controversial stances on other scientific matters?in particular his rejection of the ?Big Bang? theory, a term coined by him on BBC radio, and his promotion of panspermia as the origin of life on Earth.


The Electric Universe


There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will rival the one set off by Copernicus and Galileo. This revolution is based on the growing realization that the cosmos is highly electrical in nature.  Discussed are the basics, the corona, the solar wind, solar eruptions, and Wal Thornhill?s Electric Universe Workshop.

Then drawing on new discoveries in particle physics and thermodynamics as well as on readings in history and philosophy, Eric J. Lerner confronts the values behind the Big Bang theory. With inspiring boldness and scientific rigor, he offers a brilliantly orchestrated argument that generates an explosive intellectual debate.

Electricity (EU) theory is debunked by others. Radio Interview with Wal Thornhill.

How Stephen Hawking and other physicists are off base in regard to the universe; the same paradigm is taught over and over and accepted as truth; Wal talks about legends and stories of the ancients, which do support his theories.

The Saturn Myth, Cassini ? A Grand Finale!


Evolutionary Biology


Molecular life sciences, Evolutionary biology and its importance. Darwin?s legacy, Famous Biologists, and the many important discoveries throughout the centuries. Evolution as fact and theory, the study of ants and other things, the meaning of human existence, natural selection, the science of life, and evolutionary humanism.

But there is a third way. What is the third way?


?The vast majority of people believe that there are only two alternative ways to explain the origins of biological diversity. One way is Creationism that depends upon supernatural intervention by a divine Creator. The other way is Neo-Darwinism, which has elevated Natural Selection into a unique creative force that solves all the difficult evolutionary problems. Both views are inconsistent with significant bodies of empirical evidence and have evolved into hardline ideologies. There is a need for a more open ?third way? of discussing evolutionary change based on empirical observations.?4 To read more, go to this link.


Medical Advances

This is a wake-up call for those who need a reminder of the imperfect nature of man, and how money or power can influence doctors. The medical profession, and the pharmaceutical industry have very often discredited alternative, less expensive, and often more effective modes of treatment.

In contrast this section also draws attention to some amazing medical discoveries and inventions that have made a tremendous advance and added to human happiness and comfort.

Natural healing and alternative healing methods meant to help people recover from illness or injury and to live a generally healthier life is also discussed. Topics such Energy Medicine, Regenerative Medical Technologies, Physical and Emotional health, Futuristic Medical Technologies, Breakthrough Technologies for the US Military, and so forth.

Nevertheless, the public is culpable. Many are destroying their bodies by ignorant eating habits, and corrupting their minds and morals by engaging in filthy, violent, mind-rotting pastimes. Uncontrolled and perverted sexual behavior, misinformation, religious manipulation, and confusion, adds to the mix.

Very often the food we eat and the water we drink contains dangerous chemicals as well as lacking essential nutrients vital for human health. The entertainment we seek is very often disgusting, decadent or mindless.

It would be too easy to lay the full blame for our ill health and woes on the authorities, the pharmaceutical companies, food conglomerates, and corporate giants. But this would be dishonest. Many citizens are equally culpable, taking taken the easy way out, succumbing to the overuse of prescription drugs, or dangerous illegal drugs, alcohol addiction, fast takeaway foods, pornography, and other deplorable vices.  Addiction to junk food, cigarettes, TV, Internet games, mindless, destructive chats session on Facebook, Twitter and so on with uncontrolled indiscriminate sex makes a lethal combination?the root of much of the mental health issues confronting humanity today.

A general lack of commonsense has wrought havoc with many persons? bodies. Coupled with abysmal ignorance of health principles?it?s a recipe for ill health, and dangerous illnesses.

There is no quick-cut answer, or magic pill. Sensible living, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, fresh food, advanced spiritual practices, and an intelligent awareness of what is going on, and the guts act responsibly, and to speak up when something is not right, would be a great help. Finding the courage to question?and then act on newfound knowledge could bring about a much-needed miracle!

The RAND research group just came out with a 100-page analysis of how sleep affects us and what sleep deprivation can do to us?and to the economy. They estimate that between lost work and poor performance at work from lack of sleep, the U.S. alone loses $411 billion each year. Though businesses and policy makers may be interested in the financial repercussions of sleep deprivation, these repercussions stem from people being unwell because of it, which underlines the very real consequences of sleep deprivation.

Recent research has laid out some of the reasons why we need sleep, and all the functions the brain seems to perform while we?re sleeping. There?s more to figure out, but here are a few reasons why the brain needs sleep, and why things tend to go downhill without it.

In this section, you will come across repressed information that may prove helpful in guarding the health of your family, and loved ones.


Climate Change


The truth about global warming - it?s the Sun that?s to blame. Numerous non-profit public policy research organizations and active groups are dedicated to informing the policy makers, and the public about emerging global problems and trends, and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems. Below is a list of topics discussed in this section on Climate Change:


The Myth of Global Warming, the Coming Real Cataclysmic Ice Age

How the Big One would destroy Southern California?s infrastructure

Space weather: A need for a backup security plan for the human knowledge that underlies the Internet

Dangerous Climate Change in 2019 - What the Government and Media has Not Told You

Interview with John Casey and Grand Solar Minimum

Man-made Global Warming debunked! Check the Facts!

Unstoppable Solar Cycles - Full Video

Climate is not Kind or Brutal?Just Indifferent

Pattern of human adaptation to the demands and challenges of an ever-changing climate-challenges

Myth of Global Warming, the Coming Real Cataclysmic Ice Age

Why does Hydroponics work so well?

How complicated is hydroponic gardening?

Geoengineering the Climate

Ongoing Climate Engineering Assault

Cooling Towers, Climate Engineering & Hurricane Harvey, Is There a Connection?

Global Climate Engineering Operations

Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes

Geoengineering the Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor

Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose?

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 9, 2017.

The Fight Against Geoengineering July 18, 2017.

Chemtrails Exposed: Geoengineering...Nano-Technology...Weather Manipulation...Population Control

New World Order

The Largest Storm Ever Recorded in the Atlantic

The Internet News warns about the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic.

Millions Are Without Power in Florida

Richard Branson reveals devastation of hurricane-hit private island, blames ?man-made climate change.?

Hot Talk, Cold Science Global Warming?s Unfinished Debate

Earthquake Leaves Trail of Destruction in Mexico

2017 British Columbia Wildfires

State of Emergency

Williams Lake Needs Workers after Wildfire Evacuees Fail to Return.




The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. The Sun is the one of the Primary Reasons That Life Exists on Earth.


·         NASA Cassini Reveals New Ideas to Scientists About Sun?s Interaction with The Galaxy

·         Renewable Energy - A Practical Absurdity

·         Shocker: Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ?Simply won?t work?

·         Why 100% Renewable Energy Is Just a Dream

·         Conclusion




Water Plays an Important Role in the World Economy. Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants, humans and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water, there would be no life on earth. This section covers the following topics:


·         Water and Habitable Zone

·         Structured Water is created by the natural action of water in nature

·         Dr. Gerald Pollack and Structured Water Science

·         Does water have a fourth phase, beyond solid, liquid and vapor?

·         The Fourth Phase of Water / EZ Water / Structured Water

·         Electrically Structured Water

·         The weirdness of water could be the answer

·         Masaru Emoto ? Scientific Criticism

·         World Oceans

·         Marine biology

·         Oceans and Human Health: Risks and Remedies from the Seas

·         Ocean Plastic Has Been Ingested by Some 700 Species of Marine Wildlife

·         Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year

·         Worst Offenders

·         Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

·         More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050

·         Great Pacific Garbage Patch

·         Trash Isles

·         Trash Isles: The newest country in the world is looking for citizens

·         Project Kaisei & Scripps Environmental Accumulation of Plastic Expedition

·         Scientific Expeditions

·         Ghost nets

·         Floating Consumer Plastics

·         Smaller Plastic Articles and Crushed Plastics

·         Micro Plastics

·         The Marine Debris Collection Equipment Think Tank


Inspiration & Courage


The theme of this section centers on tenacity, stubborn persistence, and the unwillingness to admit defeat.  Below are a few highlights commencing with Helen Keller.


An Idol to Many Deaf People in the World

China Disabled People?s Performing Art Troupe

A face for one thousand hands

Turning Life into Art

A Staunch Advocate for the Power of Education

Women?s Rights Activist and Children?s Activist

Targeted by the Taliban

Madiba - ?Father of the Nation.?

Justice and Freedom

Young Activists

Marathon of Hope

Grit and Determination

The Discomfort of Being Stared At

Invictus ? Unconquered, Undefeated

Invictus Games Toronto 2017 ? Raising Awareness

The Invictus Games Foundation

Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirt

Courage, Inspiration, Respect, and Recovery

Groundbreaking research examines impact of Invictus Games


Imagination & Creativity


Creativity ? Influential Arguments

We are Made of Star-Stuff

Technology Alone Won?t Take Us to the Stars

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles

Dr. Bruce Lipton Delivers One of the Most Important Messages You Will Ever Hear

The critical need for understanding the universe as an electric system

Imprisoned in the Cave where Truth is Kept Out

An Internationally Recognized Digital Artist

Explore the world as you never knew it with Vargic?s Astonishing Miscellany of Curious Maps

A Prolific and Influential Composer of the Classical Era

Aspires to Become President of the USA

Will He be the one to Unlock the Secrets to a Cure for Cancer?

India?s Child Surgeon ? Child Genius

Writer, Speaker, and Education Advocate

A TED Talk, What Adults Can Learn from Kids (Transcript)

Another TED Talk ? Rethinking Education

5-year-old B.C. Piano Prodigy Gets Carnegie Hall Debut

Ryan Wang, 5-Year Old Piano Prodigy, Plays For 101-Year-Old Super Fan (VIDEO)

George Li - Currently the Youngest Recipient 2012 Gilmore Young Artist Award

Young Trail Blazers!

The Future is in Our Hands

Is Imagination More Important Than Knowledge?


Civil Society


Civic Virtue

During the Enlightenment

Civil Society


Link to the public sphere

Civil liberties

Human Trafficking is a Form of Modern Slavery

Natural Disasters and the Increased Risk for Human Trafficking

The Polaris Project: Human trafficking

The Typology of Modern Slavery: Defining Sex and Labor Trafficking in the United States

Las Vegas fights human trafficking through new ad campaign

Groomed: An Uncle Who Went Too Far, a Mother Who Didn?t Care, a Little Girl Who Waited for Justice

People smuggling in the Central Mediterranean

People Smuggling - An Increasingly Sophisticated Illicit ?Business.?

Route from West Africa

Route from the Horn of Africa

Drug Trafficking ? World-Wide

Worldwide Black Market in Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking: Introduction

Global heroin flows from Asian points of origin

Main global cocaine flows, 2008.

Drug Trafficking and the Financing of Terrorism

Mass Murders, Psychiatric Drugs, And Gun Control

The Link Between Psychotropic Drugs and Horrific Crimes

Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Psychiatrists: the drug pushers




Team-building, Leadership, and Management Ability Essential Qualities for the Entrepreneur

The Founder of Amazon

The Bezos Family Foundation

Bezos Scholars Program

Jack of all Trades ? Master of All!

Billionaire Paul Allen fires up the Boeing 747 engines on his giant Stratolaunch satellite launcher

Wingspan comparison of the Stratolaunch carrier with other large airplanes


Conferences & Conversations


Conversation Skills are the Gatekeeper to the Rest of Your Life

Absolutely the best book on the art and craft of conversation I?ve ever read. Totally effective and easy to apply

?What if???

Designing Your Destiny

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

The Science of Changing Your Mind

How to Reprogram and Evolve Your Brain


Take Your First Step Toward True Evolution



How to Enter the Operating System of Your Subconscious

Demystifying the Meditation Process

The Ladder of Consciousness

Body Asleep, Mind Awake

Spreading Ideas ? TED Talks

Thunderbolts Project

Electric Universe (EU) Workshops

Changing the world through the understanding of the Electric Universe

SAFIRE ? The Documentary trailer (2015)

Electrical Scarring of Planets and Moons

Broadening One?s Horizons

The Massey Lectures

Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio

CBC Ideas

The Sunday Edition CBC Radio

Time to Talk!

A Place for Discovery


Universal Laws & the Law of Attraction


The Essence of Reality Creation

The Essentials of Mind Power

Loken?s Spiritual Journey

The Awakening

Eye-opening and thought provoking

You are more than your body

5 Steps to Master Your Life

Free Video Series

The Seven Universal Laws Explained

The Immutable and the Mutable

Most Complete and Accurate Book on Knowing Yourself

What did Nikola Tesla Try to Make the World Understand?

Nikola Tesla did Countless Mysterious Experiments

The Magnificence of 9!


Man?s Search for Meaning


Humanity - A ?Super Organism? Called Humanity That Can Heal Our Planet

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here

The Future of Homo Sapiens - The Future of Human Revolution

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Mental Patterns That Could Conceivably Be Reshaped

15 Minute Manifestation

Purpose and Responsibility

Viktor Frankl on the Human Search for Meaning


The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.?

- Bertrand Russell.


- End -




Waking up the World Community to save Our Precious Planet ... and ourselves

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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for exisiting. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day."

- Albert Einstein

Welcome To Our Precious Planet!

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