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 Jennifer de Lasala has designed this website. The written information contained within The Creative Revolution! has been given appropriate credits where due. 

Additionally, de Lasala has authored two books on the software program WordPerfect; and, most recently, five other books. 

Consequently, there are two books about China; first “China, The Phoenix and The Dragon,” which is a creative non-fiction journey and inspirational book about her experiences working and living in China. The second book, “China The Dragon,” is based on personal observations combined with intensive research on a wide variety of topics that should appeal to anyone interested in China, past,  present, or future. The book is divided into four sections, Section: A, China’s Ancient Past, and Section: B, Pre-Modern History, and Section: C, China’s Artistic Heritage, and Section: D, Modern China. This allows the reader to read from start to finish, or choose whatever section is of the most interest. 

The third book, “A Glimpse of Asia!” includes topics on travel, adventure, politics, current events, environmental issues, history, and injustices. It is a creative non-fiction book based on the author’s personal experiences during several years spent in the Southeast region, where she traveled and taught English.

The fourth book, "The Adventures of Teacher Jennifer! "features both teaching and travel adventures and acts as a background to the previous two books on China and one on Southeast Asia.

Because of the brevity of most assignments, the stories in "The Adventures of Teacher Jennifer!" are glimpses that barely scratch the surface of the sixteen countries where I taught. I believe they show revealing glimpses behind the facade, thus making the stories worthwhile. For instance, attending a private wedding ceremony at Sohar, Oman was fascinating, as was the extraordinary experience of living with Emma and her expanding residents at Secunda Calle, Antiqua, Guatemala. Then there were the frightening brutal incidents in Chihuahua, Mexico. As well, I mention the injustices in India of unspeakable poverty and incredible filth.

Therefore, it would be a misunderstanding if the potential reader assumed "The Adventures of Teacher Jennifer!" was only about teaching TESOL abroad, because it is much, much more than that. The book is meant to be thought provoking about unusual adventures and insights that happened while teaching and traveling to the nineteen countries which gave me a glimpse into the lives and customs of the people.

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As a world traveler, an avid photographer, Internet research buff, English instructor, nurse, public watchdog, office administrator, sales agent, and persistent whistle-blower Jennifer de Lasala has had an adventurous life. On the way, she became aware and concerned by such things as the exploitation of children and vulnerable adults, the destruction of our natural environment, public ignorance, and apathy about the world we live in, and the numerous misunderstandings about one and another. Misconception and greed have led and continue to lead to tragic and unnecessary wars.   

Fortunately, we now have the tools to put an end to the mess we humans have created. We have at our disposal the means to become properly educated and to get rid of (in our ignorance) the havoc caused by engaging in fruitless wars that have resulted in the death, anguish, and upheaval of millions of women, children, and men. Additionally, these wars have resulted in ruined cities with ancient sites, including the loss of invaluable historical relics all now rendered into rubble and dust. 

It is not only wars that have destroyed so much in the way of human happiness and health, but also mankind’s destruction of the environment that is fast turning the Earth into a wasteland of pollution and unmanageable garbage with the loss of thousands and thousands of species (mammals and insects). This destruction is toppled with the deliberate destruction of human health. Never-the-less with the right knowledge and education, it is possible to get rid of corporate greed, public apathy, and ignorance.

 What is required is credible, reliable information combined with a genuine desire to be part of a sane, responsible, and meaningful change. 

With this in mind, the author has devised the Creative Revolution! where you will be introduced to some remarkable scientists and others who are leading the way. And if everyone makes an effort, we can together create a peaceful world atmosphere and a much more fulfilled and happier, healthier life. Hopefully, the voluminous material contained in The Creative Revolution! will help to move things along, especially if and when everyone chips in and does their part. Clearly, it is up to each one of us to figure out what should be done and how we can individually change our attitudes, extravagant lifestyles, and destructive behavior. 

In this respect, the author is not offering solutions, not offering anything other than collecting information to make things easier to find. The author hopes that this accumulation of facts, stimulating opinions, and ideas will add a meaningful part to the jigsaw where the pieces of valuable information are scattered far and wide—leaving us bewildered and miserable. The Creative Revolution! is an attempt to connect some of the pieces. 

The author is not trying to preach or to pretend to be smarter than anyone else. Rather than being an authority, she is a novice and is in the process of learning all about what needs to be learned. Researching material for this project is but the first stepping-stone of her education. Now she, like everyone else, must set aside the time to study all that is contained in the Creative Revolution!

 The purpose of creating this project is simply to stir up a vigorous debate, one that will spark off a flurry of responsible involvement. There are to be no leaders. Instead, what is required is a combination of each person doing their bit. There is to be no collection of funds. Instead, everyone must follow her lead by not asking for a donation. This is essential. We must not keep feeding off each other to make money out of what should be voluntary projects. So, whatever you do, please do not turn this project into a money-make scheme. 

The author’s compulsion and motivation in devising the Creative Revolution! is to stir action and to implore others to do something, to speak up and not turn a blind eye or hide behind the idea “what can one person do?” 

Robert Kennedy says it best: 

“Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation.”